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Unfinished Business


The last magazine I made, never made it to the printer. It was DOA on account of publisher bankruptcy, on Valentine’s Day no less. I would have preferred a box of chocolates. Instead, I got a big, brown pile of shit canned. In one morning, Chapter 11 swiftly killed off that issue along with my job as the editor of a cycling magazine.


Where that road ended, Grit World Racing began. It was a way to chase the dream of a professional cycling life while searching for stories along the way. In reality, it was merely a scheme to avoid traditional employment for just a little bit longer. Conventionality might have proved easier. The next six months were the most challenging of my life. I traveled from Beijing to Belgium to the Basque Country searching for the romanticized version of a professional bike-racing career, instead experiencing the harsh realities along the way.

This website is a collection of writing from that journey. Fourteen months after that last magazine was left to rot on a hard drive, a new project sprang forth from the printing presses. Peloton Magazine published much of this story as serialized columns throughout the season. Some pieces have appeared in other outlets. Here, we bring everything together, telling Grit World Racing’s journey from an unemployed editor in Southern California, to a pro cyclocross racer in the heart of Flanders. It’s not always a pretty story, but it’s real. It was quite the ride. We hope you enjoy it too



Andrew Juiliano

Founder, Grit World Racing