Sic Bo on the Internet

The ancient dice game Sic Bo is played with three dice.

Originating in China, the game is commonly known as Hi-Lo, Tai Sai, and Dai Siu, but its literal translation is “dice pair.”


Online Sic Bo is also one of two dice-based classic casino games, the other being online craps.


Given that wagering options are determined by the throw of dice, this is primarily a game of chance. Therefore, it is not necessary to master a complex strategy to effortlessly win real money playing online Sic Bo.


If you wish to learn more, you’ve come to the right site.


This guide will teach you how to win at Sic Bo, along with some pro-level strategies.


In addition, we list the most reputable and trustworthy online casinos where you can enjoy the ultimate Sic Bo experience for real money.

Where To Play Sic Bo for Real Money Online


Numerous online casinos offer Sic Bo for real money. However, some of them are time and money wasters.


If you want to have the greatest experience playing online Sic Bo, you must select a secure and legitimate casino.


Here is a list of the top online casinos where real money Sic Bo can be played.

Real Money Sic Bo Victory Technique


Online Sic Bo is a game of chance, and a specific Sic Bo betting strategy is not required to succeed.


It is true, however, that there are strategies you can employ to increase your possibilities of winning when playing the game for real money.


Triple Bets are a long chance and should be avoided if you want to manage your bankroll effectively.


Focus More On Small Or Large wagers Large and small wagers have the smallest house advantage and the best winning odds.


Despite the small payout, this is the finest Sic Bo strategy to win.


You can place up to 16 multiple wagers per roll on the online version of Sic Bo, but you shouldn’t.


Multiple losses in diverse wagering areas can quickly deplete your bankroll.


Do not blindly follow rolling patterns; it is a game of chance. The dice are rolled by RNGs, and there is no set pattern.


The outcomes of the dice are determined by chance and not by previous tosses.


There is no pattern or “number counting” involved in winning, but hopefully these strategies will help you.


Sic Bo Probabilities, Table Layout, And Wagering Options

Before participating, you must be familiar with the table layout. The online variant of Sic Bo is comparable to that found in land-based casinos.


On the felt surface of the board is a large grid with various squares containing images of numerals, words, and dice.


All pertinent information is displayed on the table, which is divided into three sections containing various wagering options and statistics in each.


Single Number Bets

At the bottom of the Sic Bo board are one through six number wagers. Place a wager on a specific number (1-6) rolling on one, two, or all three dice.


The compensation is 1:1 if your number appears on a single die, 2:1 if your number appears on two dice, and 3:1 if your number appears on all three dice.


The payout for single-number wagers is relatively low, but the probabilities are excellent.


sic bo format solitary wagers format Two Dice Combinations

At the center of the table configuration, you can place Pair wagers.


The two dice combination wager or Domino wager is placed on the next roll containing two specific dice combinations, such as 1, 2, 6, etc. It pays 5:1


Double Bet sic bo online two dice layout

This wager is successful if two of the three dice have the same value or if the player has chosen the correct double (e.g., two 3s).


In this category, there are six possible wagers, and the payout is 8:1.


Any Triple Sic Bo Online Double Bets Layout

You may wager on any of six distinct triples that you anticipate the dice to roll. The payout is 30:1


Specific Triple Bet sic bo online layout for any triple betting

You can also wager that the same number will appear on all three dice.


You can wager on the numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 666. It pays 180:1


sic bo online-specific layout for triple wagers Small / Large

At the summit of the table are the Small and the Large wagers. When you wager on the total of the three dice being modest (between 4 and 10), you place a modest wager.


The Big Bet occurs when the total of all three dice is between 11 and 17. They pay 1:1 and have the lowest house edge in Sic Bo.


However, if the result of the roll is a triple (1-1-1, 6-6-6), you forfeit your wager.


sic bo online layout for modest and large bets Odd/Even

You can wager on whether the total of the three dice is odd or even. As with the Small/Large odds, it pays 1 to 1. If a triple is rolled, your wager is also lost.


Totals The outcomes of the three dice can result in 14 distinct bet totals on which participants can wager.


sic bo totals wager format

Sic Bo payouts vary from 60:1 to 6:1 for wagers ranging from 4 to 17. You can choose one of these totals and place a wager on it.

How to Play Online Sic Bo


It is simple and straightforward to play Sic Bo online; just follow the steps below to get started.


Select The Coin’s Value

The first stage is to choose the denomination of your chips using the coin value.


Place Your Bet

Proceed to place your wagers in the desired section of the table.


Each sector’s stakes and rewards have been outlined previously. You can also submit multiple wagers simultaneously.


To Roll The Dice, Click The Roll Button

By pressing the roll icon on the screen, the dice will be rolled automatically.


The result will determine whether you win or lose your wager. When you click the rebet icon, a new game will begin with your previous wager amount.


Is Live Dealer Sic Bo Available?

Yes, Sic Bo with a live dealer is available at online casinos. In real-time broadcasting, you will be able to play for real money against real dealers.


A live audio/video conversation feature allows you to interact with your dealer in a realistic casino environment.


Variations of Sic Bo

Birdcage, Chuck-a-Luck, Dai Siu, Grand Hazard, Hi-Lo, Lucky Dice, Mini Dice, Tai Sai, and Yee Hah Hi are variants of Sic Bo available online.


While some variations are exclusive to land-based casinos, others are available at online casinos.


Contrary to Sic Bo, some of these variations are only played in their respective countries of origin. For example, Hi-Lo is prevalent in Macau casinos while Chuck-a-Luck is prevalent in US casinos.


They differ from standard online Sic Bo games in a variety of ways, including payouts, symbols, and dice numbers.


Final Thoughts Regarding Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is an excellent alternative table game to play for real money in online casinos, despite its lack of popularity.


The fact that no strategy is required to play effectively and win real money enhances its desirability.


To have a safe and pleasurable gambling experience overall, it is essential to play at only legitimate, safe casinos.


We have done the legwork for you; simply choose one of our recommended casinos and start playing Sic Bo for real money online immediately.






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